By continuous monitoring on real-time threat activity aligned with risk mitigation strategies will further protect organizations information assets and brand reputation.

Timely information and recommendation from a reliable solutions provider with help reduce risk in a greater percentage. We are able to assist you to with emergency Alerts generation through 24x7 Security Event Monitoring via IT systems in all security devices. Alerts will be generated in a systematic method to identify the gravity of the threat and possible action and preventive measures.

Our services also include Social Media Monitoring (Reputation, Security, Behavior Analysis), a Full social media monitoring process of all specified sources. Alerts can include nearby or internal formations impacting your facilities, Organized protests and activism that may impact physical business operations, threats to the organizations businesses, employees and assets, including the general Mentions or references from organizations previously identified as posing a risk to your operations or management decisions.

In order to book an initial consultation to find out your organizations monitoring requirements, please contact one of our representatives.